Wago Wagon is a musical number heard in chapter 2 of Killoto the Minoto. It was sung by Stapler, Carpet, and Wago. It was sung by AnimationCreated (as Stapler), RedBreelooom (as Carpet), and TheWuggleJack (as Wago).



We're on a Wago wagon

And we're going real fast!


Stapler and I are gonna make memories,

That are gonna last!


Let's all hope that this

Wagon doesn't crash.


That wouldn't be good.

I would probably get a rash.


Dear children!


I'm a teen.


We are having lots of fun!

I sure hope we all get to

Fly past the sun!

We're all in a little town, and



Oh s**t!

This is gonna make me frown!

[The song ends as Wago painfully crashes down, killing him. However, Stapler and Carped are alive and just fly out]

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