Trowel, labeled The Jerk, is male contestant in two reboots of Object Terror


For the entire series, Trowel is a gardening trowel (a type of shovel) who has a silver blade that is treated as his head, a brownish-gray "neck" (heel), and a yellow handle. In earlier episodes of Object Terror, he had a slightly thicker appearance and had a blade with no shading. One the second reboot started, he was given a bit more detail, with gradient shines on his blade and handle, but his heel and handle was still thick. His appearance changed again in "P to the Fourth," where his heel and handle are thinner and his blade was given more detail. The color of his handle was also desaturated quite a bit. As of current, a hole was added near his crotch area.


Trowel can be rather mischievous, and an overall jerk. He likes to prank and bully Arch with his best friend (and eventually boyfriend) Beer, and tends to be a schemer, though his plans usually backfire. Due to his age, he can also be naive and childish. As revealed in chapter two of "Kiloto the Minoto," he is a homosexual. Trowel speaks with a Romanian accent.


  • Parkour Idiocy: Burns to death when he sets the parkour course on fire with a lighter.
  • Kings of Parkour: Burns to death when Printer lights the parkour course on fire/Dies when the parkour course explodes.


  • In the second chapter of "Kiloto the Minoto," Trowel revealed that he is two years old.
    • This may have been a montage to the first reboot, the era he debuted in, since by the time the second chapter of "Kiloto the Minoto" came out, the first reboot's first episode, "Parkour Idiocy" is two years old.
  • Trowel is voiced by Mandea Cătălin, the creator of another object show: "Challenge to Win."
    • Due to this, Trowel has a Romanian accent.
  • Due to his appearance, he could easily be mistaken for a spear.

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