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The Beginning is the first episode of the original series of Object Terror, and the 1st episode overall.


Cold Open

A group of eight objects - Grape, Wallet, Rubber Ball, Lighter, Ice Cream, Waffle, Softball, and Doughnut - are hanging out in the outdoors, with some of them being bored with nothing to do. All of a sudden, a computer monitor, named Computer, appears, telling the group that he is looking for objects to compete in his object show. They are all up for it.


The first challenge of the entire series is for Computer to roll an 8-sided die, with the two contestants that the die will be facing getting to pick the teams. He rolls the die and it manages to land on Wallet and Ice Cream. They both pick the teams (Ice Cream: Waffle, Grape, and Rubber Ball, while Wallet chose Doughnut and Softball, with Lighter being the last addition to the team). After the two pick the teams, Computer puts Wallet's team up for elimination.