Printer is the primary host of both the first and second reboots of Object Terror.


Printer is shown throughout the series as a gray box with a black/dark gray line across the front face. In the first reboot and the first four episodes of the second reboot, he had text in the upper-right corner saying "ORANGE," like how in the first reboot and in "Kings of Parkour," Computer had text below his screen saying "FRUIT JOKE HERE." In the second reboot, a blue lens was added to the top of him.

In Kiloto the Minoto however, Printer lost his text on his upper-right corner


Printer is normally shown calm, but is sometimes carless and naive, In "P to the Fourth," he considers himself as "the guy who likes to make everyone wish they were never born." As mentioned in "Kings of Parkour," he has an allergy to spiders. At times, he can also be crude and violent. He is also shown with a short-temper, even hating on his creator, Computer, for having El Nudelo Spider rejoin the game. In the first Object Terror movie, Bars and Beer, Printer can be shown to not respect the likes of others. He is also good at singing as seen in Kiloto the Minoto.


First Reboot

Parkour Idiocy

Printer makes his debut in this episode, where he was trying to find contestants to compete in his object show. Trowel, B, and 16 others decide to compete.

Printer stands outside the parkour course during the challenge, and even watches as Trowel burns the course down. After the course burns down, Printer does a backup challenge of rolling a 18-sided die, and the two rolls land Arch and Wallet respectively, letting them be team leaders.

Games and Gems

Printer leaves his lists of challenges out in the open when he leaves to get a drink, resulting in Trowel editing his list. He chooses the teams for Arch and Wallet, then gives them their teams' names (The 20's and The 80's respectively). He manages to find his challenge list and does the challenge Trowel wrote down. In the end, he disqualifies Trowel for making his team lose.

Airplane Donuts

What really would have been an interesting storyline. But then they had to reboot it again.

Before the elimination, Printer announces the five new contestants (Skittle, Stapler, Biscuit, Blue Drago, and El Nudelo Spider), where he finds only one of the newbies to not make him angry.

Near the end of the episode, he comes to his car to find it crashed into a brick wall, but then he finds a widget board. He speaks to it, and Wallet's ghost attacks him, possessing him.

Second Reboot


  • There is another character named "Harambe" who looks almost exactly like Printer, but the word "ORANGE" on the upper-right corner of the front is replaced by "HARAMBE." However, Harambe was cut and Printer replaced him as host of the second reboot.
  • As shown in "A Diamond Heist," Printer runs on just one AA battery.
    • In the same episode, it was also shown that Printer gets tired if his battery runs low.
  • He only killed one person, being Stapler in "A Perplexing Massacre."

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