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"Parkour Idiocy" is the first episode of the first Object Terror reboot.


"A show where 18 contestants from around the area compete for one magnificent cruise ship. And it's host of course, is Printer. What is the challenge? Who will win it? Find out in this episode!"


The episode opens up with our first new character, Arch, sitting below a tree. Trowel the gardening trowel walks up to him and asks him a math problem, which he gets wrong.

Lime Ball wants to play with the valley girl Magazine, who is too busy on her phone (the new MePhone3GS). Getting tired, the green ball kicks Magazine, knocking away her phone, causing her to hit him back and bump into Wallet.

Yellow Ball is trying to talk to Plug, but A tells him that the poor plug lost his vocal cords when he was seven years old.

Cyan Ball and D decide to make random noises somewhere else.

Mint the breath mint is blurting out words, annoying Flash Drive and causing him to kick him away.

Road Sign is trying to teach Fart how to play football, when an arrow passes through the latter and kills him. The arrow turns out to come from C's crossbow.

Meanwhile, a printer with the label "Orange" is holding a megaphone, and is considering to try out his new metal detector since he's bored and couldn't find anyone to compete in his object show. Suddenly, Trowel bumps into him, knocking the megaphone out of his hands.

Trowel notices the printer and asks who he is. The printer introduces himself as Printer, and explains that he is looking for people to compete in his object show. The trowel asks about the prize, and Printer responds by saying that the prize is a cruise ship. This makes Trowel and B eager to join.

After the Intro/Challenge Briefing

After the intro, Computer walks in before he is suddenly "kicked out of the server." Beer complains about this, saying the poor computer monitor had only been present for three seconds. After "inviting" him back, Computer hits Printer, telling him not to do it again.

The challenge of the episode is a game of diagonal parkour, which (as Printer explains it) is the balance beam challenge combined with a racing challenge. The contestants would have to jump across platforms suspended over lava, and the first to to make it to the end or the last two to survive will get to pick the teams. The players are able to push, kick, and shove people off, much to the delight of Trowel.

The Challenge

Mint immediately jumps into the lava thinking it was a hot tub. Cyan Ball and Yellow Ball try to make an alliance, but Printer shoves them both into the lava, telling them that it is cheating.

Beer blocks Trowel and Wallet's path, saying that he will not move because it would lower his chances of winning if he let them both win. However, the wallet hits Beer, sending him flying toward another platform and causing him to shatter from the impact of the landing. He also pushes off the last new character of the reboot (for now), Recycling Bin.

Arch mocks Trowel for calling him stupid earlier, causing him to angrily come closer, but suddenly slip off. He lands on another platform, where the finish line can be seen in his view. He runs toward the line, throwing a lit lighter to light the parkour course on fire just so he can make sure no one catches up to him.

After the course burns, Printer decides to do a backup challenge; rolling an 18-sided die. The die manages to land on Wallet and Arch, making them the team leaders.


  1. An arrow from C's crossbow passes through Fart, killing him.
  2. Mint jumps into the lava.
  3. Cyan Ball and Yellow ball were pushed into the lava by Printer.
  4. Beer shatters when Wallet hits him and sends him flying towards another platform.
  5. Recycling Bin is pushed into the lava by Wallet.
  6. A, Arch, B, C, D, Fart, Flash Drive, Lime Ball, Magazine, Road Sign, Trowel, and Wallet burn to death when Trowel lights the course on fire.


  • This episode references Meeple from the Inanimate Insanity franchise, as Magazine is shown using a MePhone3GS (two years before the Inanimate Insanity II episode "Mine Your Own Business" released)
  • Strangely, Lime Ball and Yellow Ball would never appear on the show again after this episode.
  • Trowel's voice in this episode has no accent and was very raspy. "Games and Gems" would be the first time he will speak in his current voice, since he is voiced by Mandea Cătălin.