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ComputerNew.png "...I can't do this. P to the Fourth, can you help me out?" - Computer, "Kiloto the Minoto" Chapter 1
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P to the Fourth is the third episode of the second reboot of Object Terror. It introduced previous BFWW contestant Honey into the series as an intern.


"After 3 months, Object Terror has now released it's third episode, the wackiest one yet. After Trowel, Beer, Cactus, and Wallet rob the object show museum and are imprisoned, the third challenge begins. What will the next challenge be, and who will be the next one to get squished like a bug? Find out in this episode of Object Terror!"


Cold Open

The episode begins in prison, where Cactus, Beer, Trowel, and Wallet are finally released from their cells. Outside, Cactus walks up to Coffee Cup to show him his new muscles he got during his time in prison. The tea cup could do nothing but stare at him until his face explodes.

After the Intro

After the brand new opening sequence, Flash Drive and Road Sign talk about the upcoming elimination.

Elimination Time

See Elimination Results below for the dislikes

The elimination of this episode scored 1,258 votes, with 599 likes and 659 dislikes. Skittle wins her own amiibo with 142 likes. Skittle, Flash Drive, Road Sign, and Plug were the first four characters called safe, followed by Arch, Fart, and Beer. Mint does not end up in the final two, but Trowel and Wallet do. Trowel is revealed to be safe, while Wallet gets eliminated. Biscuit watches as the wallet is crushed to death by the descending spikes.

Elimination Results

Contestant Likes Dislikes
Skittle 142 9
Flash Drive ??? 13
Road Sign ??? 13
Plug ??? 14
Arch ??? 24
Fart ??? 34
Beer ??? 38
Mint ??? 79
Trowel ??? 125
Wallet ??? 310

Challenge Briefing

The debut of the first intern. The second one came around two episodes later.

Back outside, Printer explains the challenge, which is titled "Picture Perfect, Picture Pathetic" (shortened as P to the Foutrh or P4). He tells them that they will be drawing on a whiteboard for the challenge, where he states the board was tested by Honey, the show's new intern.

The printer continues to explain the challenge. In the "P to the Fourth" challenge, he would randomly select five contestants and give them a word for them to draw a picture of. The contestants who are not drawing have to guess what the drawer is trying to draw. If someone guesses it right, the time remaining is how many points their team will score. Printer will decide who will get to draw with the BINGO machine.


Round 1 - Paint

Paint is selected first, and, after reading the word he is given (handbag), he refuses to draw it, saying his word out loud, and getting himself disqualified.

Round 2 - Arch

Arch is next. After reading his word, he finds it stupid and asks Printer to give him a different one. However, under the threat of being disqualified, he reluctantly does it anyway. Beer guesses his drawing is a sugar cube and he gets it right, scoring 39 points for the Bouncy Buses.

Round 3 - Beep Boop

Beep Boop is the next one up, and he gets excited and starts drawing. Flash Drive guesses the drawing to be a lettuce, scoring 57 more points for the Buses.

Round 4 - Magazine

Magazine is chosen next, and starts drawing upon being given her word, hinting at the guessers that it is what she uses all the time. Biscuit guesses it is her phone, thus getting the Tug-of-War Trains 27 points.

Round 5 - Mint

Last up is Mint. However, he doesn't want to draw, as he wants to shave off his unibrow. Despite Unibrow's protest that he will die if he was shaved off, Biscuit gives Mint her razor and he shaves Unibrow off of his forehead. The unibrow grows legs and walks away happily.

Printer decides to call off the challenge and tally up the scores, even though Mint did not get to draw.


With 96 points compared to the Tug-of-War Trains' 27 points, the Bouncy Buses claim victory, and Skittle cheers.


Fart asks Mint why he didn't like Unibrow. The mint answers by saying Unibrow was mean to him lately.


  • Coffee Cup's face explodes.
  • Wallet is squished by the descending spikes.


  • Near the end of the episode, this is the first episode where Mint does not have Unibrow.
  • Wallet and Trowel were also in the final two in the episode "Airplane Donuts." Coincidentally, Wallet was eliminated in both episodes.
  • This is the first episode where Skittle says her trademark winning line (Woo-hoo! We won!)
  • This is also the first episode where Paint makes his trademark weird face.
  • Strangely enough, Paint got disqualified for yelling his word out loud, but before Beep Boop draws, he yells "BEEP BOOP LETTUCE!" before beginning to draw a lettuce. Beep Boop should have been disqualified, but he doesn't.


  • None of the contestants' likes were shown in this episode. Only Skittle's number of likes were mentioned, but the rest remain unknown.
  • When the teams' votes are tallied up, the Tug-of-war Trains' point count showed 27 instead of 29. Although this didn't make a practical difference as the Bouncy buses won anyway.