Mint, labeled The Random (presumably before chapter 2 of episode 5) is a male contestant in the two reboots of Object Terror.


Mint appears to be an aqua-green breath mint with circular white eyes with black pupils, which resemble googly eyes. He once had a living unibrow on his forehead, but he shaved it off in "P to the Fourth."

In the first reboot where he first appeared, he had no unibrow like his current self and had the normal black oval-shaped eyes rather than the googly eyes.


In the first reboot and the beginning of the second reboot, Mint was the typical "randomly insane character" you'd find in an object show. In the first reboot, he blurted random words like "buttered popcorn," similarly to Taco from season 1 of Inanimate Insanity. In the second reboot, he said a lot more than just random words; he was able to speak normal English, but he at first always spoke in a simple vocabulary. Eversince his soul was taken away by Smore, Mint now uses stronger words which his former best friend Arch didn't know. He has been shown to be smart as he knew how to shoot a gun in "A Perplexing Massacre" and, as revealed in "Kiloto the Minoto," does have a laboratory.


  • The words that Mint blurted out in the first reboot are names of flavored jellybeans from The Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Challenge. This could be a coincidence.
  • There is a character that looks quite identical to Mint in Object Invasion named Breath Mint, but they are not the same character.

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