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El Nudelo Spider: Fine! [[El Nudelo Spider|I]] will jump off this building and land on a car then.
El Nudelo Spider: Fine! [[El Nudelo Spider|I]] will jump off this building and land on a car then.
[[El Nudelo Spider]] jumps off the cliff and falls.
El Nudelo Spider, screaming/yelling: E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E
[[El Nudelo Spider]] lands in a [[Nudelo]]'s house.
Nudelo: Agh! How dare you murder me!
The [[Nudelo]] kicks [[El Nudelo Spider]] away.
Printer: Now '''that''' was funny.
[[Printer]]'s phone rings. He answers it.
Printer: Hello?

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Biscuit is sitting on a bench. Wallet walks up to her.

Wallet: Hey Biscuit! I have a joke.

Biscuit: I don’t care about your jokes, they aren’t even funny!

Wallet: No, this is totally funny and not a scam.

Biscuit: Ugh.. what’s the joke?

Wallet: Why is your face so fat?

Biscuit: No! Not this joke again!

Wallet: Because you’re retarted? Heheheheheh!

Wallet does a weird and funny face. Biscuit punches him.

Biscuit: That wasn’t even a good joke, you should go jump off a bridge and eaten by a lion.

Biscuit walks away.

Biscuit: Finally I get some peace and quiet!

Mint: Hi Biscuit HOW YOU DOING!!

Biscuit, screaming: AAA-

Cut to Magazine and Carpet.

Carpet: Hey Bae. What’s up?

Magazine: I am not your “baby”, Carpet. I never liked you and never will like you.

Carpet: Are you saying I’m not hot enough to be your girlfriend?

Magazine: No!! You are UGLY!

Carpet: Ellgh.. whatever.

Carpet walks away.

Magazine: Now I can make fake Instagram cracker accounts to like my own photos!

Cut to Beer and Trowel.

Trowel: Hey, Beer! Wanna pull a prank on Arch?

Beer: I hate Arch anyways. So what will we do?

Beep Boop: You do realize pranking can cause serious inguries.

Trowel and Beer: Shut up Beep Boop!

Beep Boop: Aw-

Beer: Anyways, how exactly are we gonna prank Arch again?

Trowel: Well... we will show him this picture of a spooky minion. Tie a rope to two polls on the cliff, and, he will fall off and face plant in the water!

Beer: I can tell how this is gonna be hilarious! Let's go!!

Beep Boop: Jumping off a cliff at a high distance can cause pain and ingury, death is also possible.

Beer: Oh my god Beep Boop, you always ruin everything!!

Beer: Ok, the rope is set! Now what should we do?

Trowel: We will wait for Arch to come up here. Then, we will show him this spooky minion. He will be so spooked out, that he will fall!

Beer: Sounds like a plan, I'll go and get Arch. HEY ARCH!!

Arch: Yes?

Beer: Look that way.

Arch: Okay!

Beer puts the picture to his face to make it look like he is the minion.

Beer, acting as spooky minion: Hello, I am a spooky minion; and I am here to spook you.


Arch runs off the cliff, and looks down. He falls.

Arch, screaming: AAAAAAAAAHHHH

A splash noise is heard. Beer and Trowel laugh. Arch gets out of the water.

Arch: Aaah! My life just got worse than worse!! Everyone keeps making fun of me for bad reasons!!

Arch: Sigh

Arch: Someday, I'll teach them a lesson on who's boss!! And who should be.. shat-ple-slep-eh.

Arch: You know what? I don't need them!! I'm an independent woman who needs no man!! It's the free country!!

Plug: That was stupid.

Arch gives a mad and weird look. Plug walks away.

Plug: Since I am bored with nothing to do, I'm going to kick Flash Drive in the water.

Plug: Because, yolo.

Plug kicks Flash Drive in the water.

Flash Drive: Ooh noh.

Flash Drive gets electricuted and dies. He then gets recovered.

Flash Drive: The heck, Plug?!

Plug: I was bored.

Flash Drive: You kicked me in the water and I'm electronic-

Mint appears and makes an eagle sound.

Flash Drive: No, Mint! Get away me you stalker!

Mint: Stinky socks!! I have a unibrow!

Mint's unibrow: HELLO

Flash Drive: No! I don't even wear socks!

Plug: Can't you two just get along?

Mint and Flash Drive: Shut up, Plug! Nobody likes you!

Plug, screaming: AA-

Cut to Paint and Whipped Cream.

Paint: So Whipped Cream, what's your favorite tape?

Whipped Cream: The Super Window's Master Fun Time Jams album!

Paint: Sounds pretty sick, mate.

Whipped Cream: Yup.

Paint: I have this mixtape on my phone. Wanna listen to it?

Whipped Cream: No

Paint: Why not?

Whipped Cream: 1.: Those memes are so dead. It's too powerful! And 2.: That song is copyrighted; and this video will get sued!!

Paint: Well, I'm going to play it anyway.

Whipped Cream: No!! Not in front of the camera!!

The technical difficulties screen appears, to block the copyrighted and dead-meme music. Cut to Skittle. Stapler walks up to her.

Stapler: Hey, what's up?

Skittle: I'm eating Skittles!

Stapler: Wait what??

Skittle opens her mouth to eat the bag of Skittles.

Skittle: They're delicious!

Stapler: Isn't that cannibalism because canni-boys are scraps?

The screen appears as if Skittle got roasted.

Skittle: Um, that wasn't funny!

The screen pops up with a weird crying face on Stapler, with the words, "rest in poop" "stoypler 2016 - 2016".

Skittle: Ok, just stop!!

Cut to Fart. Road Sign walks up to him.

Road Sign: Hey Fart, wanna play football?

Fart: Sure! I've always wanted to play fartball!

Fart farts and makes a clone of himself.

Fart 2: Woah, where am I?

Fart: Hey! Who are you?

Fart 2: I'm Fart! Who are you?

Fart: I'm Fart, and my favorite color is bleach! BLEEE!

Road Sign: What's going on here?

Both Fart and his clone farts to make to other clones of Fart. They all say silly things, without unison.

Road Sign, screaming: AAAAAAAA!! (The sound of the scream sounds like Bomb in Inanimate Insanity.)

Cut to Cactus on the cliff.

Cactus: I'm a jock.

Recycling Bin: No you're not.

Coffee Cup: Yeah you look pretty weak Cactus.

Cactus: Uhh.. I am so a jock.

Recycling Bin: Prove it!

Coffee Cup: Show your muscles, then!

Cactus: I can throw you off this cliff right there.

Recycling Bin: (She holds a paper saying, "D: You dont mess with me boi. Oh snap.".) You're weaker than this sheet of paper.

Recycling Bin let's go of the sheet of paper. The D: face turns into a :D face.

Coffee Cup: Uhh.. Recycling Bin? I think that's a little too far..

Cactus: You take that back!!

Recycling Bin: Can't; it's a promatic insult.

Cactus grabs Recycling Bin.

Recycling Bin: Hey! Put me down!

Cactus: No.

Recycling Bin: Okay! You're a jock!

Cactus: I'm still throwing you.

Recycling Bin: No no no! No!

Cactus throws Recycling Bin off the cliff.

Recycling Bin: Aaaaaaa!

Coffee Cup: CACTUS!

Cactus: Well, he deserves it anyways. And I'm sure he'll be fine.

Recycling Bin: Aaaaaaa!

Recycling Bin hits the ground. It made Computer spilt oil on Printer.

Recycling Bin: Ow!

Computer: Aw come on! Now I accidentally spilt oil on project!

Recycling Bin: Sorry Computer. It was a accident.

Computer: That's fine. I know Cactus threw you off the cliff again, just like he always does. I can just clean the oil off Printer. And I wanna start a competition show, I am selling my cruise ship I made as a prize, and I'm building a host to do the show.

Recycling Bin: Why can't you host?

Computer: Because I'm too lazy, duh!

Recycling Bin: Lol.

Computer: There, done!

Recycling Bin: Um, it's not doing anything.

Computer: *Sigh* It happened again, it always happens!

Printer then starts to work, and gets up.

Printer: Hello, I am Printer. A gizmo-eyed object created me to make a compition show. I also have emotion, tweaks, and other chips that allow me to react, reply, and even taunt at!

Computer slaps Printer so he can see if it's true. Printer malfunctions. He falls to the ground afterwards.

Recycling Bin: You broke it?

Printer malfunctions again. He gets up with an angry look on his face. Printer slaps Computer.

Printer: Computer. I see you were trying to kill me by punching my microchips, and disabling my emotions.

Computer: I was just testing!

Printer: I am not to be used for tests. Anyway, I am wondering if you, Recycling Bin, would like to join my show, and win this magnificent cruis-

Printer then shows a picture of him, another girl, and an x in between.

Printer: Uuuuuuhhhm.....ehEHEHh- Wrong... gift.

Printer: Ok, this is the magnifecent cruise ship!

Printer shows a picture of the cruise ship. Although on the top right, it shows the same thing he shown before.

Printer: Would you like to join my competition in order to win this?

Recycling Bin: Um, sure?

Printer: Great! Now where do we find the others?

Recycling Bin: Follow me; I know where you can find 20 contestants compete for your cruise.

Printer: Hey, you...strange..identified... [Wallet| square brown object with green hair on you]], upside down..grey U-ripoff.

Arch: I am not a U-ripoff!!

Wallet: You kinda are.

Printer: Anyways, whatever your names are, I have a question to ask you guys.

Wallet: What?

Printer: Well, I have this cruise ship which I.. don't really want anymore. And I'm giving it out to someone. want it?


Printer: Well, too bad!

Arch: Didn't you just offer it to us?

Printer: Well, here's the thing. My creator, Computer, wanted me to make an object show. Which is.. pretty obvious on what it is. But I'm thinking that if you guys would like to join the show,-

Cactus: What's going on here?

Printer: I'm starting another object show!

Cactus: We have enough object shows in this community. There are like, 200 other object shows, and you're making another one.

Printer: But this is gonna be good, you know why?

Cactus: Why?

Printer: The prize is a cruise ship!

Cactus: Wow! I can do whatever I want! I can get unlimited ice cream, or I could eat at the buffet, or I could go to the pool!

Printer: Exactly!

Printer: Well, this is fantastic! A ton of contestants are begging to win this cruise, so let's get started.

Printer: 20 contestants, 1 cruise ship. Get your popcorn, nachos, and peanuts, except for you viewers who are allergic to peanuts... but whatever. This is Object Terror!

The intro plays.

Trowel: Ok, so, how does this show work?

Printer: Simple. Each challenge until the finale, you guys will be in two teams, with 10 contestants each. You will compete in a challenge. One team wins, and one team loses. The losing team will face the elimination ceremony. And the contestant who is most hated is eliminated. We will continue this process until we have' 'one lucky winner!

Printer: Ok, now for your first challenge. The first challenge is diaginal parkour'!

Trowel: How original!

Printer: Okay, shut up Trowel!

Trowel: Wait... how did you know my name?

Printer: You look like a trowel.

Trowel: That's... sorta 'prising.

Printer: Anyways.. how this challenge works is that it's pretty much the balance beam challenge.

Carpet: I'm too lazy to do that. I have to find a bae!

Printer: Can you shut up?!

Printer: Thank you. Anyways, it's also a racing challenge, too.

Flash Drive: Races are too unorignial.

Printer: Do you want the cruise or not?? If so, SHUT UP AND LET ME EXPLAIN!

Printer: Finally, back to the explianation. You have to-

El Nudelo Spider: Hi! I'm El Nudelo Spider!

Printer: Aaaaaah!!! No spiders allowed in Object Terror!

El Nudelo Spider: Why?

Printer: I am allergic to spiders!

El Nudelo Spider: Can I watch though?

Printer: NO! Jump off this cliff or I will kill you!

El Nudelo Spider: Fine! I will jump off this building and land on a car then.

El Nudelo Spider jumps off the cliff and falls.

El Nudelo Spider, screaming/yelling: E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E

El Nudelo Spider lands in a Nudelo's house.

Nudelo: Agh! How dare you murder me!

The Nudelo kicks El Nudelo Spider away.

Printer: Now that was funny.

Printer's phone rings. He answers it.

Printer: Hello?

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