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Kings of Parkour is the first episode of the second reboot of Object Terror, and the 14th overall.


"Finally, after a 7 month wait, IT'S HERE! In this 16 minute episode, Computer builds a new host in order to make a new object show. He's selling his cruise ship he made as a prize. We are introduced to 21 contestants battling down for it. The first challenge is diagonal parkour. What could possibly go wrong? The fact that the floor is lava! Who will win the first challenge? Who will our 2 team captains be? Who will be put up for elimination? Find out in this upthrilling, and exciting episode of Object Terror!"


Cold Open

Kicking off the first episode of the second reboot, Biscuit is sitting on a bench when Wallet comes up to her. He makes a joke about her face, making her punch him and telling him that she hopes he falls off of a bridge and gets eaten by a lion. She walks to somewhere else, when Mint appears all of a sudden.

A new character, Carpet, is trying to flirt with Magazine, but she tells him that she doesn't like him and will never like him. He leaves, and she is now alone, meaning she can now make Instagram crack accounts to like her photos.

Out on a cliff, Trowel and Beer plan to prank Arch with a picture of a Minion, ignoring Beep Boop the robot apple's advice that about pranking. After setting up the prank, Beer, very loudly, calls out Arch's name, and he comes unaware of what is going on. The two do their prank with the Minion picture, and successfully scare Arch with it. The poor arch trips over the rope and falls into the water.

After climbing out, Arch is extremely angry at Trowel and Beer for their prank, and proclaims his life is getting worse and worse.

Plug, who is bored, decides to kick Flash Drive into the water because "YOLO." He does so, and Flash Drive short-circuits. After Flash Drive is revived, Mint appears saying that he has a unibrow, which suddenly talks. Plug then asks the two if they could just get along, and they both tell him to go away, saying no one likes him.

Somewhere else, Paint and Whipped Cream, two more new characters, are talking about music. The paint bottle asks his friend to play a mixtape n his phone, but the container of whip cream denies, saying the songs were copyrighted. Paint decides to play the songs anyway, right in front of the camera. However, a technical difficulties screen occurs before the songs can be played.

After the screen, Skittle is eating a packet of regular Skittles, when Stapler comes up to her. The fruit-flavored candy tells her that she is eating Skittles, before eating the entire packet. Stapler asks if this is cannibalism.

Meanwhile, Road Sign comes up to Fart, who is near another bench, and asks if he wants to play football. However, he ends up cloning himself three times.

On another cliff, Cactus, yet another new character, proclaims he is a jock. However, Coffee Cup (the final newest character) and Recycling Bin deny this, with the latter saying that he is weaker than a sheet of paper. Cactus then throws Recycling Bin off of a cliff.

Below, Computer is working on a living object, when Recycling Bin lands next to him. This causes him to accidentally spill oil on his project. Recycling Bin apologizes to him, saying it was just an accident. As Computer cleans up the oil off of what he calls "Printer," he explains to Recycling Bin that he is starting a competition show where he is giving away a cruise ship he built as a prize and he is building Printer to host the show. After cleaning the oil off of him, Printer suddenly starts glowing and turns on.

Printer introduces himself and the talks about some of his internal features. Computer slaps him, causing him to malfunction and turn off. The printer suddenly turns back on and slaps the computer. Printer then notices Recycling Bin and shows him the cruise ship, making the bin want to join. He shows the printer the other 19 objects.

Printer stumbles upon Wallet and Arch and tells them about the show he's hosting. Cactus comes, and after knowing what is going on, he complains that there is already around 200 object shows already. But then Printer mentions about the cruise ship prize, making Cactus eager to join.

Seemingly everyone wants to compete for the cruise ship, starting Object Terror('s second reboot).

After the Intro/Show and Challenge Briefing

Printer explains how the show works (which is basically the general plot of object shows to begin with), before explaining the first challenge: a diagonal parkour race (a combination of the balance beam challenge and race challenge combined).

All of a sudden, El Nudelo Spider appears out of nowhere, freaking Printer out. He tells him he can't join because of his spider allergy, and then tells him to jump off the cliff before he kills him. El Nudelo Spider jumps off the cliff and onto a female nudelo.

Printer gets a call from Brian himself, who tells him to let El Nudelo Spider join. After being scolded by Computer, he finally lets the spider join, but puts him up for elimination because he unfairly joined the game. El Nudelo Spider decides to sit down and watch.

The printer continues to explain the challenge, saying the last four people to reach the end or the first four to die will be put up for elimination, while the first two to finish or the last two to die will be the team leaders.


Inside the parkour course, Trowel kicks Arch into the lava. Flash Drive sees this as an unfair move at first, but after everyone is told that kicking and shoving are allowed, he immediately shoves Mint into the lava.

Cactus punches Flash Drive, then Wallet. However, Whipped Cream manages to punch Cactus off. Carpet deliberately falls into the lava because he doesn't want to do the challenge.

Magazine overhears Trowel and Beer planning to push her off, and responds by punching the bottle of beer, causing him to shatter. Trowel retaliates for his friend by ripping the magazine in two.

12 contestants remain in the course, and Trowel finds that the challenge is taking forever. He gets the idea of lighting the parkour course on fire to speed things up. Despite Stapler and Fart's protests, Printer lights the course on fire with a lighter, causing everyone still inside to scream and the course to eventually explode.

After the explosion, Skittle and Stapler, blackened by the explosion, wake up and find themselves to be alive, making them the team leaders.


Carpet wonders why he's isn't liked by anyone since he considers himself to be the hottest contestant. However, Cactus tells him that carpets resist heat, before the carpet pushes him off the bridge. He decides to bungee jump off the bridge, but upon jumping off, he realizes he has no cord, causing him to fall into his presumable death, all while Mint watches.


  • Flash Drive gets kicked into the water by Plug and short-circuits.
  • Arch gets kicked into the lava by Trowel.
  • Mint gets punched into the lava by Flash Drive.
  • Flash Drive is punched into the lava by Cactus.
  • Wallet gets punched into the lava by Cactus.
  • Cactus gets punched into the lava by Whipped Cream.
  • Carpet jumps into the lava.
  • Beer gets punched by Magazine, causing him to shatter.
  • Magazine gets ripped in half by Trowel.
  • Beep Boop, Biscuit, Coffee Cup, Fart, Paint, Plug, Recycling Bin, Road Sign, Trowel, and Whipped Cream either burned to death when Printer lights the parkour course on fire or dies when the course explodes.
  • Cactus gets pushed off of a bridge by Carpet (debatable)
  • Carpet jumps off the bridge and falls to his death (debatable)


  • Trowel's eardrums burst when Beer calls for Arch's name out loud.
  • Skittle and Stapler are blackened and bruised by the explosion.


  • Printer lights the parkour course on fire. It eventually explodes.
  • Stapler's fedora is vaporized by the explosion.


It's subtle, but just wait until later in the series..

  • The episode was originally called "Uncalled for Atrocities" but the name was changed due to the original title being the title of episode one of the show "Unstable Objects."
  • The only time gore ever appears is when Beer calls for Arch out loud. When he yells, Trowel's ears spurt with blood.
  • This is the only time Beep Boop's voice was done by a text-to-speech program.
  • A slowed-down version of the sound used for when Flash Drive is recovered is used for when Printer boots up.
  • When Recycling Bin lands next to Computer and the latter spills oil on Printer, the former says "Sorry, Computer, it was an accident." This may mean that he knew Computer before the events of the show.
  • Prior to this episode's release, someone managed to get the script and leak it online[1] (this was still when the host was going to be Harambe). As of current, the leaked script has yet to be found.
  • Interestingly, Magazine does not bleed when she is ripped into two in this episode, but she does bleed when she is crushed to death in "Kiloto the Minoto."


  • Multiple walking glitches.
  • In the scene with Carpet and Magazine, Carpet says "Am I not hot enough to be your girlfriend?" "Girlfriend" should be "boyfriend," since Carpet is a male.
    • This is apparently the only goof the crew noticed, as FusionAnimations, the animator of this scene, addressed the issue by adding in Steve (from The Adventures of Steve) holding up a sign reading "Does this mean Carpet is a girl? :O".
  • When Arch is climbing out of the water, the sun is layered over the mountain.
  • Skittle's gradient shine is partly on the ground when she opens her mouth to eat the Skittles.
  • When Computer unintentionally spills oil on Printer, the oil spill doesn't seem to appear from a source. It just so happens to appear from thin air.
  • Computer's voice changes throughout the episode.
  • When Printer slaps Computer, the punch hit sound plays as if he punched him.
  • Computer's face is flat, and cannot be skewed.
  • When Recycling Bin tells Printer he knows where he could find more contestants, he says the number of contestants were 20. The number should be 19 (debatable, as he may have counted El Nudelo Spider).
  • When Printer moves his arm around in a circle before the intro plays, only his hand is seen once the arm gets onto his body.
  • Printer's face is also skewed even though where it appears is flat.
  • In the first scene he appears in, El Nudelo Spider only has three legs instead of four.
  • El Nudelo Spider is incorrectly larger in size.
  • At 10:47, Computer lacks subtitles. This would not be the norm until "Kiloto the Minoto."
  • Printer says last too many times.
  • When the parkour course explodes, the background proportions becomes off.
  • Flash Drive's eye is dark grey instead of black.




  • Trowel and Beer use a picture of a Minion, a character from Illumination Pictures (debuting in the movie "Despicable Me"), to prank Arch.
  • The girl in the picture Printer accidentally shows to Recycling Bin is actually Tiffany Jefferson from another object show, "Object Oppose."

Other References

  1. Colbalt telling Brian about the leaked script.
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