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"Kiloto the Minoto"is the fifth episode of Object Terror's second reboot, and the 18th overall. It is the first episode to be split into two parts known as "chapters." It also introduced a character named Smore into the series (which was the second time an intern was added, the first time in "P to the Fourth" with Honey).


Chapter 1

"Finally, after almost 8 long months of waiting, OT5 is finally here! Well... Chapter 1 at least. In this episode, the challenge is to hide in the Conotiopia Center Park and survive from 6PM to 6AM without getting found and murdered by a minotaur. We also meet a new stranger. Who are they? And what do they want? Who will be eliminated next? And who in the challenge will survive and who will die in this challenge? Find out in this episode of Object Terror!"

Chapter 2

"After almost 2 months, chapter 2 is now out! After our challenge is announced, our fellow contestants are forced to survive in a locked park for twelve hours straight without getting mangled up in blood, and guts everywhere. Who of our 17 remainers will last, and who will die? Find out in this chapter of this episode of Object Terror!"


Chapter 1

Cold Open

This guy looks nice on the surface, until...

Chapter one starts from the stinger of the previous episode: Fart eagerly asks Road Sign if they could play some more football. However, she declines. El Nudelo Spider, to the surprise of the two, comes up to them, saying he is back from his 'vacation' in Hell. He talks about his time in the fiery land, saying he got a piece of coal as a souvenir. Fart tells the spider that he missed three episodes worth of challenges. He denies, saying challenges aren't his thing before showing a picture of his new friend on his phone. He finds the picture of him and Smore, and shows it to the two.

Upon hearing his name, Smore comes. He asks about an "open interceptor" that he claims he has heard about, and Road Sign shows him where it is.

Printer comes and tells everyone that it is time for the elimination, but then sees El Nudelo Spider and yells at him to go away. He then notices Smore, who comes up to him asking for a job. The printer is happy enough to let him join the show as an intern.

Computer, coming by, allows El Nudelo Spider to rejoin the game by having him give him a piece of coal, much to the annoyance of Printer, and places him on the Tug-of-War Trains.

Elimination Time

Elimination Results below for the dislikes

The elimination starts after the intro and title card. It managed to receive 3760 total votes, with 1751 votes and 2009 dislikes. Beep Boop wins some of Computer's belly button lint with 356 likes.

The prize of the episode are bottles with a "yellow fluid" inside, and the first to receive a bottle were Coffee Cup, Whipped Cream, Recycling Bin, and Stapler. Curious to know what the "yellow fluid" is and thinking it is apple juice, Stapler decides to drink some of the liquid in her bottle. Whipped Cream reads the label of his bottle, which says "Computer's Urine." After the revelation, Stapler throws up a beam of vomit, which unintentionally lands on Carpet.

Continuing, Biscuit and Carpet are the last called safe before the final three. Computer decides to reveal who is eliminated right at the final three, and it turns out to be Magazine. She apologizes for her actions in the previous episode, and tells Biscuit to win for them, before she is crushed by the spikes.

Computer reveals the elimination to be a double elimination, much to the surprise of everyone else. At the bottom two, Beep Boop is final one called safe, meaning Paint is the second eliminated. He apologizes to Whipped Cream for his actions before he is crushed by spikes.

Elimination Results
Contestant Likes Dislikes
Coffee Cup 208 32
Whipped Cream 268 34
Recycling Bin 234 35
Stapler 322 71
Biscuit 66 136
Carpet 124 150
Beep Boop 356 363
Magazine 107 816RCRD
Paint 66 372


Stealing souls might ruin Object Terror, but we will see about that.

Outside the elimination area, after the elimination is over, Smore sits near a tree and confesses his plan to steal the souls of the Object Terror contestants in his diary.

Challenge Briefing

Printer, Computer, and the contestants dance outside the Conotiopia Central Park's gate entrance. Computer asks Printer to help him with the challenge briefing. However, the printer tells him it is his turn to do the challenge briefing. The computer monitor, reluctantly, explains the challenge.

Computer has the contestants follow him to a cave with some bars. He states that it will have a minotaur inside, and the creature would be released at 6:00 PM. The contestants have to survive for 12 hours in the park until 6:00 AM without being slaughtered by the minotaur. The surviving members of the loser team will be immune and the team with the most surviving members will win. The monitor explains he had a summoner ball that would summon the minotaur, but he couldn't find it when he tries showing it to them.

Printer tries asking him if he was really sure if he checked everywhere for the ball through a song, but then he starts throwing in random statements and questions in his song.

The printer then tasks Honey and Smore in getting a new minotaur, but warns the latter of not doing anything sketchy. He allows them to use his car, and the two get in. As Honey drives into downtown, Smore suggests that they should head over to the Conotiopia Cinema, saying all kinds of creatures go there. When they arrive at the cinema, they stumble upon a long line of customers, much to Honey's annoyance. However, Smore has an idea on how to deal with the problem: creating a fake terrorist attack using flash grenades. He throws one towards the queue line, startling some of the people as it explodes. Smore then spots a minotaur amongst the chaos, and knocks it out. White Circle bursts into the lobby from the security office, when Smore evades arrest by pointing the blame on Blue Drago, who gets arrested instead despite screaming for innocence.

The interns return with the newly caught minotaur, but Printer stares angerly at them, apparently knowing more the wiser due to a news brodcast explaining the "terrorist attack" that has happened at the cinema. Printer was about to fire Smore for the thing, when he defends himself saying that it could've been a different s'more or even a box, even reassuring that he's positive he couldn't have done it. Printer sighs and believes in the lie, deciding to let him stay.

After the sherbuckle, Computer injects a substance into the minotaur, explaining it was a potion that would make the minotaur rampant for 12 hours starting at 6 pm, before revealing the fact that he used to work at a chemistry lab. Everyone enters the park around evening, looking for places to hide in five minutes before the minotaur is released.

Everyone, Hide!

El Nudelo Spider approaches Biscuit and asks if the two should do the challenge together. Biscuit agrees, saying she was alone since Magazine's elimination. She suggests that the two should head for the small forest so that the minotaur won't find them easily. Carpet and stapler decide on which path to take. Recycling Bin asks Coffee Cup if they should ehad to the forest, but he worries about the mosquitos. Thankfully, Recycling Bin packed bug spray, allowing them to head to the forest. Beep Boop runs into Whipped Cream and asks if they could go together. He reluctantly agrees on the condition that he doesn't scream too loud to make his ears pop.

With one minute to hide, Trowel suggests to Beer that they should hide in the woods and watch the Legoboynj Power Hour DVD that he stole from Printer. Arch suggests to Mint that they should head towards the forest, but he declines because of his irrational hatred towards wood. However, he then suggests they should head to the playground, to which he agrees. Fart suggests to Road Sign that they should also head tot he playground, reasoning that there is a small maze inside where they can hide. Plug decides to pair up with Flash Drive. Skittle is left by herself and decides to go into hiding on her own.

It is now 6 o'clock PM, meaning Printer is ready to release the minotaur. He presses a button to open the cage, releasing the mintaur and ending the first chapter.

Chapter 2

The Challenge

In the forest, Recycling Bina dn Coffee Cup run until they feel tired. The recycling bin supplies water for the both of them. Coffee Cup finds the idea of waitingg for twelve hours to win a challenge to be stupid, so they decide to kill their boredom with telling secrets. They first try rock-paper-scissors to see who tells a secret first, but they kept on getting a tie. They then try using a die to decide, which it first lands on a three, but then Recycling Bin kicks it and makes it land on a 6.

Coffee Cup tells his secret first: he reveals that the "coffee" inside of him is not actually real coffee, since its solid (which explains why he has blood like most of the characters). Recycling Bin then tells his secret: he has a fear of blood (hemophobia). Coffee Cup is confused,s saying its normal, but he says its not the fear that's the secret - its how he got it. He recalls the event happening in his seventh grade health class.

A young Recycling Bin sits happily in class alongside three other students. Sensei Nudelo, the teacher of the class, comes in and starts class by asking the students questions. When he asks if objects bleed, Recycling Bin raises his hand to answer no, but the teacher proves him wrong by getting a tofu block (as in a living tofu block) and slices it in half, startling the students and especially the bin.

The story shocked Coffee Cup. Recycling Bin is cared because he's not sure if it would happen again. However, the cup reassures him that the health teacher might have been fired and put under arrest. Recycling Bin thank Coffee Cup through a hug, but he squeezes him hardly, and when he keeps his hug for too long, the cup explodes into blood and limbs. This cares Recycling Bin, but then he notices something coming from the bushes, an unspecifiable small mammal. Recycling Bin was relieved that it wasn't anything scary, but then the minotaur steps on the mammal, killing it. Recycling Bin makes a run for it, but then notices a basketball hoop and tries to go for a three-pointer. However, he misses, and the chase continues.

Meanwhile, Trowel and Beer enjoy themselves on the couch they have sat on in "A Diamond Heist", when Beer tells him to stop responding so loud, saying it makes him look like he's two years old. The trowel responds by saying that he is two years old. The beer laughs, saying its no wonder he always whines like a baby, and even teasing him by telling him to go to bed. Trowel tells him to stop, but he continues to tease him, putting a pacifier in his mouth. He angerly scolds Beer, telling him once again to stop. Beer finally cuts it out and apologizes, and they are now ready to watch the DVD. Trowel throws the DVD like a frisbee, aiming for the player, but it ends up landing on the ground, apparently as practice for his disc-throwing tournament, He picks up the disc and puts it in the DVD player. Beer asks him if he can borrow his phone to order KFC, saying that his own phone ended up in an accident, cueing another flashback.

Beer greets his sister, Wine, who insults him. She tells him he's gross, which causes him to slap her. In retaliation, she throws his phone in the nearby pool.

After Beer tells him what happened, Trowel reluctantly allows him to order KFC from his phone.

Biscuit and El Nudelo Spider walk together when she asks him about an interesting fact about herself. She tells him that she was in a fist-fighting club at school and was a champion in a tournament. She states that she shows people her trophy to prove that she isn't weak because the last time she tried taking someone on in a fight to prove it, in her words, "it didn't end up so well." Biscuit gets the idea of making a fight club El Nudelo Spider, and gives him a headband and handbands (he chose red because its the color of blood). They both challenge each other to a fist-fight, exchanging insults with each other before they start attacking each other.

5 minutes later, the two are tired and decide they took their fighting shtick a little too far. Biscuit unknowingly puts her rand in a rope, causing her to be pulled up. Printer attempts to lure the mintaur towards her by calling her a Popeyes biscuit, but she insists that she is a KFC biscuit. This leads to an argument with Printer before compromising with Chick-fil-A. After that, El Nudelo Spider runs off.

The minotaur looks at Biscuit and stops chasing Recycling Bin to focus on her instead, much to the bin's relief. The minotaur bites off Biscuit's face, killing her.

Skittle wanders in the dark, scared and unable to tell of any noises. She walks into a cave, hears thunder, runs out of the cave, bumps into the minotaur, and gets half of her hand bitten off. Panicked, she runs off, bumping into Flash Drive. She asks him if she could fix her injured hand, when he tells her that he has a cream called "Eyebleach" that can heal injured limbs. He puts the cream on Skittle's bitten hand, healing it instantly. She thanks Flash Drive for healing her wound ands walks away, when she unknowingly steps on a button, casing a mallet to swing into her, rip her skin off, and make a hole through her flesh, killing her.

Carpet and Stapler come across a dead end, when they notice the bushes shaking. Carpet checks through the buses to see a wagon hiding. The wagon, named Wago, explains that he was playing hide and seek with a few friends, but he says his friends have died, so he needs new friends. Stapler happily tells him that she can be his friend. Wago happily invites her to a magic carpet ride, using Carpet as the carpet, much to the carpet's annoyance. Eventually, Wago tells the two to hop in, and let them go for a ride inside him. Wago starts rolling up a hill and launches into the air, and as he flies through the sky, Carpet and Stapler sing a song about riding in the wagon. Eventually, Wago descends and crash lands onto the ground, killing him and ejecting the two into the sky.

Carpet notices that he is flying, saying that he really is a magic carpet after all. Stapler grabs onto him and rides on him. The two notice that they are about to crash into Trowel and Beer's couch, Stapler notices that the two are watching the Legoboynj Power Hour. She suggests to Carpet tat they should prank Trowel and Bear, and he agrees.

Trowel and Beer are watching "Kings of Parkour", the first episode of this incarnation, and agree on how horrible Lolpwnzies did on his voice for Beer in that episode in disdain. The trowel asks the beer if he could pass him a chicken leg from their bucket of KFC, and he allows it. However, Trowel notices how the way his friend passed the chicken to him seemed suggestive. After initial confusion from the beer and egging, the beer understands what he meant, and - with little warning - they promptly make out on the spot, revealing them to be homosexual.

Behind the couch, Carpet and Stapler plan to prank the two by smashing Beer with a hammer. However, when Stapler attempts to execute the prank, she cringes at the sight of the two's make-out session. Carpet attempts to do the prank himself, ignoring Stapler's protest, but it ends with the same result.

At another section of the park, Flash Drive tells Plug that he doesn't want to talk to him. The plug asks if he hates him, and the flash drive replies by saying that he doesn't hate him, but is too busy to socialize. Unbeknownst to Plug, the minotaur has approached him from behind. Flash Drive tells him to look behind, but its too late as the plug is swallowed whole. Flash Drive attempts to defend himself using a twig, but he's too scared and runs into a tree. The minotaur throws the battle ax at his mouth, splitting him in two and killing him.

Whipped Cream is getting annoyed of Beep Boop's screaming and wants to get out already. The two walk towards the gate after five minutes, and the whipped cream container tries to climb his way up, only to fall back into the park 5 minutes later. Beep Boop suggests to Whipped Cream in using a key he found in the nearby shack in order to get out. However, both of them were stopped by Printer. Whipped Cream hears a TV playing nearby and checks to see what's going on, with the robot apple following from behind.

The two notice Trowel and Beer, still watching the DVD and now on the Painquin pilot episode. The two decide to enter the couch so Trowel and Beer wouldn't catch them. However, they encounter Stapler and Carpet. All four of them realize that its too crowded inside the couch, so one of them has to move out. All four of them start arguing on who should leave, when Stapler pushes up on the couch seats. Trowel and Beer take notice and are initially confused, when they decide to remove the seats to reveal the four inside. Trowel tells the four to get out of his couch.

Road Sign and Fart are at the playground, relieved to know that the playground is the only area the minotaur didn't check. Mint asks Road Sign in helping him on the swing, since he doesn't have arms. Road Sign worries about it, saying he would fall off, when he insists he will be fine. She pushes the swing and Mint, and he falls off the swing due to not having arms. Arch tells Mint that he needs to go use the bathroom, and asks him if he would like to come with him. Mint agrees and follows him to the portapotty. Fart suggests that hey should head over to the football field to play football.

At the football field, Fart attempts to score a touchdown. Road Sign places the ball on the ground for Fart to score the touchdown. After backing up a little, he runs toward the ball and kicks it. To the song of "High Score" by Panda Eyes and Terminite, the ball flies in the air in slow motion into the goal post. Road Sign and Fart cheer in celebration, but this is abruptly stopped by the minotaur, who lands onto Fart, killing him. Road Sign yells at the minotaur about killing her friend, but it lodgers its battle axe into her head, killing her in a strangely clean death.

Arch and Mint reach the portapotty and the former goes in, telling the latter to wait for him. However, Mint takes a look from behind to see Smore hding in the bushes. The smore was wanting to help him, and was wanting him to signa paper. At first, Mint was hesitant, deeming the paper to be unsafe since he didn't get to read the details. However, after being threatened, he reluctantly signs the paper with a quill. However, it turns out to be a trick planned by Smore himself - surrounding the area in a dark red mist, Smore takes out a small, vial-like contraption and uses it on Mint, stealing his soul.

When the fog dispersal, Mint lies down on the ground unconscious. Arch, who has finished his business, notices this and attempts CPR on him. Mint reawakens, only for him to scold Arch telling him to get off. Arch asks him what had happened, when Mint tells him that he had a concussion when he was 'urinating in the restroom', the sophisticated words confusing poor Arch.Mint explains the reasoning for the big words was because he's the most intelligent character on the show, something he never said before. Mint shows Arch the entrance to his laboratory, hidden within a tree, and they enter his lab.

In his lab, Mint tells Arch that they are apparently "acquaintances" due to the latter's childish personality. Mint looks at himself in the mirror when he considers getting a makeover, but Arch insists that he looks fine, making him respond with saying that is what a child would say. Angered, Arch reminds Mint that they were supposed to be best friends until his new personality showed up. He sighs, before saying "when were we ever friends?"

Mint shows Arch his latest invention: a machine that can make fast food, such as Tropical Heck-Donalds burgers, more healthy. He puts a burger in the machine to show an example. However, when he turns it on, the machine starts shaking. Arch gets concerned that the machine is going to explode, but when Mint tries to insist that the machine won't explode, it explodes, killing them both instantly.

Meanwhile, Recycling Bin wonders about the time, so he checks his watch. He assumes that the challenge is already over, when Printer corrects him saying there's only a minute left. However, the minotaur has found him again, and he tries to run away. However, he hits himself into the wall, and with no way of escape, he starts telling it to not kill him. However, the bells of a nearby clock tower toll, signalling the end of the challenge. During that, the minotaur faints. Printer calls all the survivors to report to the park's entrance. The minotaur wakes up, confused and unable to tell what happened. He explains that his name is Chris, and was working at the cinema until Honey and Smore captured him. Printer reminds the survivors, very loudly, to report to the park entrance.

5 minutes later, Printer had just payed Chris an unknown fine for being kidnapped by the two interns. The surviving contestants are Stapler, Carpet, Beep Boop, Trowel, Beer, Whipped Cream, Recycling Bin, and El Nudelo Spider, and the Tug-of-War Trains win with 5 survivors to the Bouncing Buses' 2. Stapler happily cheers, saying Skittle's winning line (Woo-hoo! We won!), to which Skittle calls her out on. However, Stapler notices that her color changed from red to orange. Skittle explains that everytime she dies and gets recovered, she changes between five colors: red, orange, yellow, green, and purple. Biscuit slaps her for not being able to turn teal. Since. Trowel goes on a rant saying he watched a DVD, ordered KFC, and kicked Stapler, Carpet, Beep Boop, and Whipped Cream out of his couch all for nothing, when Pritner explains that he and Beer are immune for being the only survivors of their team.


After the credits, Smore wanders in the woods, going to hsi base. He places the vial with Mint's soul on a shelf with a bunch of empty vials and writes out the name of his next target, ending the episode.


Musical Numbers

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


  1. Magazine is crushed by the descending spikes.
  2. Beep Boop short-circuits when his bottle of Computer's urine breaks and it splashes on him.
  3. Paint is crushed by the descending spikes.
  4. Coffee Cup is squeezed too hard and for too long by Recycling Bin and explodes.
  5. Chris steps on a random critter in the park, killing it.
  6. Biscuit's face is eaten by Chris.
  7. Skittle is hit by a swinging mallet, ripping her skin off and making a hole through her flesh.
  8. Wago crash-lands.
  9. Plug is eaten by Chris.
  10. Flash Drive is cut in half by a battle-ax Chris threw.
  11. Fart is passed through by Chris.
  12. Road Sign gets a battle-ax lodged to her head by Chris.
  13. Arch and Mint die in the explosion of Mint's machine.


  1. El Nudelo Spider and Biscuit hit each other numerous times.
  2. Half of Skittle's hand is bit by Chris.
  3. Mint is electrocuted while Smore steals his soul (though the shocks could be harmless)


  • According to UpArrow in his CinemaSins parody for the first chapter of this episode, the original script was supposed to have Computer say he worked at a meth lab. However, "meth" got changed to "chem" in the final episode.
  • This is the first episode to showcase homosexuality, as Trowel and Beer had kissed each other in the second chapter.
  • This is also the first episode where a double elimination occurred, even though it was never noted beforehand.
  • The episodes played in the Legoboynj Power Hour DVD Trowel and Beer watches in episode 2 are, in order, "Nightmares are Gold" (from The Tale of El Nudelo), "Kings of Parkour" (Object Terror), and the original version of "Ice Cold Pilot" (Painquin).
  • This episode reveals:
    • The setting where the show takes place is called "Conotiopia."
    • Road Sign went to the Conotiopia Central Park as a child and lived in the city.
  • Irony: Trowel and Beer make two things people never do in slasher films; go to the woods and make out. However, they are the only two survivors of their team at the end.
  • This episode makes Skittle the last contestant to have a first death who is also a team leader, meaning every leader in the series (with the exception of Ice Cream) have at least one death at this point. Wallet has died in "Parkour Idiocy", "Kings of Parkour", and "P to the Fourth". Arch has died in "Parkour Idiocy", "Kings of Parkour", and in this episode, and Stapler dies in "A Perplexing Massacre".


Writing Errors

  • Computer would allow El Nudelo Spider to rejoin the game on the condition that he would give him a burning piece of coal. However, lump of coal El Nudelo Spider gives to him - the one he got as a souvenir from Hell - isn't burning. However, he joins anyway.

Visual Goofs

  • When Recycling Bin passes by the cage near the end of the challenge, the cage is not open.




An example of what might be the Carlton Dance.

  • The Fresh Prince of Bal-Air: In the scene where everyone was dancing, they were doing the "Carlton Banks Dance."