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"Kiloto the Minoto"is the fifth episode of Object Terror's second reboot. It introduced a character named Smore into the series (which was the second time an intern was added, the first time in "P to the Fourth" with Honey).


Chapter 1

"Finally, after almost 8 long months of waiting, OT5 is finally here! Well... Chapter 1 at least. In this episode, the challenge is to hide in the Conotiopia Center Park and survive from 6PM to 6AM without getting found and murdered by a minotaur. We also meet a new stranger. Who are they? And what do they want? Who will be eliminated next? And who in the challenge will survive and who will die in this challenge? Find out in this episode of Object Terror!"

Chapter 2

"After almost 2 months, chapter 2 is now out! After our challenge is announced, our fellow contestants are forced to survive in a locked park for twelve hours straight without getting mangled up in blood, and guts everywhere. Who of our 17 remainers will last, and who will die? Find out in this chapter of this episode of Object Terror!"


Cold Open

Smore debut

This guy looks nice on the surface, until...

Chapter one starts from the stinger of the previous episode: Fart eagerly asks Road Sign if they could play some more football. However, she declines. El Nudelo Spider, to the surprise of the two, comes up to them, saying he is back from his 'vacation' in Hell. He talks about his time in the fiery land, saying he got a piece of coal as a souvenir. Fart tells the spider that he missed three episodes worth of challenges. He denies, saying challenges aren't his thing before showing a picture of his new friend on his phone. He finds the picture of him and Smore, and shows it two the two.

Upon hearing his name, Smore comes. He asks about an "open interceptor" that he claims he has heard about, and Road Sign shows him where it is.

Printer comes and tells everyone that it is time for the elimination, but then sees El Nudelo Spider and yells at him to go away. He then notices Smore, who comes up to him asking for a job. The printer is happy enough to let him join the show as an intern.

Computer, coming by, allows El Nudelo Spider to rejoin the game by having him give him a piece of coal, much to the annoyance of Printer, and places him on the Tug-of-War Trains.

Elimination Time

Elimination Results below for the dislikes

The elimination starts after the intro and title card. It managed to receive 3760 total votes, with 1751 votes and 2009 dislikes. Beep Boop wins some of Computer's belly button lint with 356 likes.

The prize of the episode are bottles with a "yellow fluid" inside, and the first to receive a bottle were Coffee Cup, Whipped Cream, Recycling Bin, and Stapler. Curious to know what the "yellow fluid" is and thinking it is apple juice, Stapler decides to drink some of the liquid in her bottle. Whipped Cream reads the label of his bottle, which says "Computer's Urine." After the revelation, Stapler throws up a beam of vomit, which unintentionally lands on Carpet.

Continuing, Biscuit and Carpet are the last called safe before the final three. Computer decides to reveal who is eliminated right at the final three, and it turns out to be Magazine. She apologizes for her actions in the previous episode, and tells Biscuit to win for them, before she is crushed by the spikes.

Computer reveals the elimination to be a double elimination, much to the surprise of everyone else. At the bottom two, Beep Boop is final one called safe, meaning Paint is the second eliminated. He apologizes to Whipped Cream for his actions before he is crushed by spikes.

Elimination Results

Contestant Likes Dislikes
Coffee Cup 208 32
Whipped Cream 268 34
Recycling Bin 234 35
Stapler 322 71
Biscuit 66 136
Carpet 124 150
Beep Boop 356 363
Magazine 107 816RCRD
Paint 66 372


Writing in his diary

Stealing souls might ruin Object Terror, but we will see about that.

Outside the elimination area, after the elimination is over, Smore sits near a tree and confesses his plan to steal the souls of the Object Terror contestants in his diary.

Challenge Briefing

Printer, Computer, and the contestants dance outside the Conotiopia Central Park's gate entrance. Computer asks Printer to help him with the challenge briefing. However, the printer tells him it is his turn to do the challenge briefing. The computer monitor, reluctantly, explains the challenge.

Computer has the contestants follow him to a cave with some bars. He states that it will have a minotaur inside, and the creature would be released at 6:00 PM. The contestants have to survive for 12 hours in the park until 6:00 AM without being slaughtered by the minotaur. The surviving members of the loser team will be immune and the team with the most surviving members will win. The monitor explains he had a summoner ball that would summon the minotaur, but he couldn't find it when he tries showing it to them.

Printer tries asking him if he was really sure if he checked everywhere for the ball through a song, but then he starts throwing in random statements and questions in his song.

The printer then tasks Honey and Smore in getting a new minotaur. He allows them to use his car, and the two get in.

Musical Numbers

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


  1. Magazine is crushed by the descending spikes.
  2. Beep Boop short-circuits when his bottle of Computer's urine breaks and it splashes on him.
  3. Paint is crushed by the descending spikes.
  4. Coffee Cup is squeezed too hard and for too long by Recycling Bin.
  5. Chris steps on a random critter in the park, killing it.
  6. Biscuit's face is eaten by Chris.
  7. Skittle is hit by a swinging hammer, ripping her skin off and making a hole through her flesh.
  8. Wago crash-lands.
  9. Plug is eaten by Chris.
  10. Flash Drive is cut in half by a battle-ax Chris threw.
  11. Fart is passed through by Chris.
  12. Road Sign gets a battle-ax lodged to her head by Chris.
  13. Arch and Mint die in the explosion of Mint's machine.


  1. El Nudelo Spider and Biscuit hit each other a bunch of times.
  2. Half of Skittle's hand is bit by Chris.
  3. Mint is electrocuted while Smore steals his soul (though the shocks could be harmless)


  • This is the first episode to have two parts.
  • According to UpArrow in his CinemaSins parody for the first chapter of this episode, the original script was supposed to have Computer say he worked at a meth lab. However, "meth" got changed to "chem" in the final episode.
  • This is the first episode to showcase homosexuality, as Trowel and Beer had kissed each other in the second chapter.
  • This is also the first episode where a double elimination occurred, even though it was never noted beforehand.
  • This episode reveals:
    • The setting where the show takes place is called "Conotiopia."
    • Road Sign went to the Conotiopia Central Park as a child and lived in the city.
  • Irony: Trowel and Beer make two things people never do in slasher films; go to the woods and make out. However, they are the only two survivors of their team at the end.


Audio errors

  • Before he uses the tube to steal Mint's soul, Smore swears once when he calls him stupid for falling into his trap but the swear doesn't get censored.


  • El Nudelo Spider rejoins the game in this episode, but in episode 2 (the episode he was eliminated in before rejoining), Computer stated that no eliminated contestant would be coming back.




Recycling Bin dancing

An example of what might be the Carlton Dance.

  • The Fresh Prince of Bal-Air: In the scene where everyone was dancing, they were doing the "Carlton Banks Dance."
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