Honey, introduced in the second Object Terror reboot, is one of the two interns of the show, as well as the only female staff member that appears in the show.


Honey often acts as if everyday is "opposite day," (without actually matching the term) liking what others dislike and hating what others like. She also apparently is a gamer, as she said she spends time "yelling at children in Call of Duty," and finds this a fun thing to do.


P to the Fourth

Honey first appeared in the intro long before she was introduced during the explanation of the challenge. In the challenge she doesn't do much but she tells them how good she is at things.

A Perplexing Massacre

She is with Coffee Cup and Recycling Bin at a restaurant and they talk about Cactus. She Is then shown in the background running away form the owner of the restaurant (which is Painquin from the show Painquin). She is then shown teleporting the contestants to the challenge.

Kiloto the Minoto

Chapter 1

In the song "Did He," she was whistling in the background. She goes alongside Smore to find a minotaur.

Chapter 2

She was briefly seen somewhat scolding Smore near the end of the episode.


  • She may be a jar of clover honey, based on her color.
  • She was first seen to the public on Decenber 6th, 2016, months before she was revealed as a co-host for Object Terror in April 14th, 2017. Back then, she was used as a contestant for a DeviantArt object camp.
  • Honey is the only female staff intern, and one of the many female characters that did not have eyelashes up until episode 7.

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