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Games and Gems is the 2nd episode of the first reboot of Object Terror, and the 12th episode overall.


"After the chaos caused by Trowel in episode 1, here are the teams when picked! Trowel apparently rigs the challenge list so he can cause havoc again, and does a different challenge because of that. What is the next challenge? And which team wins and loses? And who will go to which team? Find out in this episode!"


Trowel seems to find a situation of buying a game. His idea to get rich to buy the game "Killer Object 5," but can his idea work?


Cold Open

The episode begins with Arch and Wallet converse about the upcoming team picking.

Trowel leaves GameStop after not seeing anything interesting. Three minutes after, when he is confessing his disappointment to Cyan Ball, he tells the garden trowel about a new game called "Killer Object 5." However, the game costs ten-thousand dollars. Trowel then gets the idea to steal the Tombnessian Diamond from the Object Show Museum.

Printer goes to get a drink, leaving his list of challenges on the ground. Trowel grabs the list and writes something in it.

After the Intro

The team picking is about to go underway. Printer lets Arch choose first. with the reason for not letting Wallet choose first being that he's 'retarded.' However, what the printer ends up doing instead is that he puts the armless contestants on Arch's team and the rest on Wallet's team. However, this makes an imbalance between the teams, so he puts D onto Arch's team. After he picks the teams, he also gives them the names of the 20's and the 80's.

The Bus Calamity

After a commercial break about the 'dictionary human', which is literally just a Nudelo, Printer reads the next challenge from the challenge list he left earlier. After reading the challenge off the list, which is to go to the Object Show Museum, he tells everyone that in order for the bus they will be riding in to work, sixteen out of the eighteen contestants must sing a song.

On the bus, Fart plots a plan to steal Printer's car after the challenge, which the printer tells him not to do. Printer tries turning on the bus, but then it suddenly shuts off due to the expiration date. With no other choice, the contestants will have to walk to the museum.

The Challenge

Two hours later, the contestants have arrived at the Object Show Museum. Road Sign notices the absences of Lime Ball and Yellow Ball, and asks Printer about their non-presence. However, he disregards the missing balls' existence.

Inside the museum, Trowel steals the Tombnessian Diamond off-screen, leading to Wallet, Cyan Ball, and C chasing him. Printer stops Trowel, telling him that he is disqualified for making his team lose. This puts the 80's up for elimination.

The Stinger

The episode ends with a skittle walking in the night, when she hears the crowd booing at her. This causes her to walk away.


  • Lime Ball and Yellow Ball are absent in this episodes, and as of current knowledge future episodes of the first reboot.
  • This is the first episode where a contestant deliberately changes the challenge.
  • This is also the first episode where Trowel has a Romanian accent, since Mandea Cătălin begins his role as him in this episode.
  • Skittle makes an early appearance in the stinger.


  • Some of the assets change throughout this episode.
  • The challenge list says "Insert Text Here", it is supposed to say the challenge instead.



  • This episode would later be remade into the second reboot episode "A Diamond Heist."


  • This episode and its second reboot counterpart "A Diamond Heist" are based on the second episode in the Henry Stickman series "Stealing the Diamond." The Tombnessian Diamond itself is based on the diamond found in said game, the Tunisian Diamond.