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Games and Gems is the 2nd episode of the first reboot of Object Terror, and the 12th episode overall.


Trowel seems to find a situation of buying a game. His idea to get rich to buy the game "Killer Object 5," but can his idea work?


Cold Open

The episode begins with Arch and Wallet converse about the upcoming team picking.

Trowel leaves GameStop after not seeing anything interesting. Three minutes after, when he is confessing his disappointment to Cyan Ball, he tells the garden trowel about a new game called "Killer Object 5." However, the game costs ten-thousand dollars. Trowel then gets the idea to steal the Tombnessian Diamond from the Object Show Museum.

Printer goes to get a drink, leaving his list of challenges on the ground. Trowel grabs the list and writes something in it.

After the Intro


  • Lime Ball and Yellow Ball are absent in this episodes, and as of current knowledge future episodes of the first reboot.
  • This is the first episode where a contestant deliberately changes the challenge.
  • This is also the first episode where Trowel has a Romanian accent, since Mandea Cătălin begins his role as him in this episode.


  • Some of the assets change throughout this episode.


  • This episode would later be remade into the second reboot episode "A Diamond Heist."
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