Song OTR2 5a
"Did He" was a musical number heard in chapter 1 of "Kiloto the Minoto." It was sung by Legoboynj (as Printer). The name was revealed in the credits of chapter 2.




Did you check in the bed?

Did you check in the closet?

Did you brush all your head?

Did you make a bank deposit?

[Printer starts clapping to the rhythm]

Did you cut all the cheese?

Did you eat all the grapes?

Can I have some too please?

I need them for my ape.

[Smore joins in and starts beat-boxing]

There are good things to end.

But a start of a quest.

But did you watch Happy Tree Friends*?

Because that show is the best.

[Honey joins in and starts whistling]

Do you feel very rad?

Did you cheat on your ex?

You know that's really sad?

But do you want us to have se-

[All music is stopped as Printer is pulled away]

* = In the lyrics in the episode, it's read as HTF.


  • In the third verse, Printer mentions the show "Happy Tree Friends," which is an animated adult dark comedy splatter cartoon in a form of a children's show from Mondo Media.
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