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Cactus labeled The Jock is a male contestant of the second reboot of Object Terror


Cactus appears to be a golden barrel cactus placed in a clay pot. His cactus part is dark lime-green, his prickles are light yellow, and his pot is light tan.


Cactus likes to prove to everybody that he is a jock. He likes to to bully Recycling Bin, whom he usually throws off a cliff. He can also be quite agorrant, and is bad at cooking.


I never knew he and Beer liked music!

  • Along with Beer, Cactus made a cameo appearance in VLOGCentral/AngryPaperPlateMan's Becky Bucket.
  • According to the episode "A Diamond Heist," eating one of Cactus's prickles is known to case (in his words) nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, comas, the famine, rashes, sweating, and diabetes when consumed.