ComputerNew.png "...I can't do this. Arch, can you help me out?" - Computer, "Kiloto the Minoto" Chapter 1
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CoffeeCupNew.png "Yeah you look pretty weak Arch." - Coffee Cup, "Kings of Parkour"
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Arch labeled The Nice Redden, is a male contestant in both first and second Object Terror reboots. In the first reboot, he competed on the 20s as a team captain. In the second reboot, he competed on the Bouncy Buses.


Arch is a dark-gray arch with legs. He is shown in his "Bars and Beer" design to be made out of bricks.


Early R1



Arch's personality in the second reboot mostly boils down to being immature and short-tempered. He regularly acts innocently and refuses to say swear words. He also isn't able to understand big words, implying he only has a simple vocabulary.

Arch can be rather grumpy, especially towards Trowel and Beer, who constantly bully/prank him. He is also considered a loudmouth, since he tends to shout almost every time he speaks. He also can be a 'tough guy wannabe' when he gets angered.

One thing he really hates is when someone refers to him as a "U rip-off." This sets him off and causes him to yell at them while reminding them about how the nickname insults him.

In the first rebbot, Arch seemed to be more calmer and didn't yell very often.


Object Terror (first reboot)

Parkour Idiocy

He first appeared sitting in a tree until Trowel says what's 9 + 10, and he says 21. And while Trowel makes fun of him, he gets angry to him. Before the challenge, Arch asks Printer if he could go to the bathroom, Printer declines. Arch says that he really has to go. Printer starts the challenge angrily. During the challenge Arch appears next to Trowel, Trowel decides to insult Arch. However, Arch uses Trowel's insults back at him. Trowel walks towards Arch however, before he can attack he trips. Arch wins the die contest and therefore is a team captain.


Episode Death
Kings of Parkour Get's punched into the lava by Trowel.
Kiloto the Minoto Dies in the explosion of Mint's invention.


  • It is easy for fans to consider Arch as female.




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