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Airport Donuts is the third episode of the first reboot of Object Terror, and the 13th episode overall. This is the final episode of the first reboot, as the show would get rebooted a second time. This is also the episode to introduce gore into the series.


"Finally. After so long (2 months), the episode is out! In this episode, 5 newbies will join and one member from the 20s will be eliminated. Who is gonna be eliminated? Find out in this episode of Object Terror."


Printer hires the contestants to work at the airport.


Cold Open

The episode begins at night, where Fart decides to steal Printer's car. Mint joins him and getting the keys to the car, walking in it, and driving it. Unfortunately, they crash into a brick wall.

After the Intro

C and Wallet argue about the upcoming elimination. The red C decides to settle it with a Ouija board. Trowel comes, and seeing what they were doing, tells them to put it away before they kill themselves. C notices that he was being protective, and the garden trowel tells him that he's trying to be a bit nicer so he wouldn't be voted as much.

Before the elimination, Printer announces five new contestants to the game: the hyperactive Skittle, the "MLG gangster" Stapler, the annoyed Biscuit, Blue Drago, and, finally, El Nudelo Spider.


See Elimination Results below for the dislikes

In the first elimination (and, thanks to the second reboot, the only elimination) of the first reboot, Trowel wins a pair of passport-scanning glasses with 41 likes. Beer, B, Road Sign, and Recycling Bin are safe, alongside Flash Drive, C, and Magazine. Trowel was the last person safe, and Wallet was eliminated. He is squished by a plate of spikes.

Elimination Results

Contestant Likes Dislikes
Beer 5 1
B 4 1
Road Sign 8 1
Recycling Bin 0 1
Flash Drive 4 3
C 2 6
Magazine 1 6
Trowel 41 22
Wallet 14 43

After the elimination, Wallet finds himself in Hell.

Challenge Briefing

Before the challenge, Printer places Skittle, Biscuit, and El Nudelo Spider on the 20s and Stapler and Blue Drago on the 80s. After that, he tells a curious Cyan Ball that everyone will be going to the Object Show Airport.


Asserting himself as the new leader of the 80s, Trowel lets his hasty nature allow Paint Palette (of Object Lockdown (and eventually Object Lockout) fame) to go to Japan without her showing her passport.

Meanwhile with the 20s, Skittle, D, and Biscuit make the donuts at an airport Drunkin Donuts, while the rest of the team take the orders from the customers. However, Fart somehow made the team lose because he wanted to go to the bathroom. However, the three newbies on the team received immunity since they just joined.

After the Challenge

To be honest, that does sound like the end of a creepypasta. Except it actually happened.

Printer decides to go into his car, but he sees the car smashed into the wall from last night. He spots the Ouija board, and decides to use it. He asks the board for its name, and the one listening to him turns out to be Wallet. Wallet, as a ghost, comes out of the board and attacks him. The last shot of the episode shows Printer in a black background next to the Ouija board, smiling at the viewer with a deranged smile on his face and having brown and green on him, meaning Wallet had possessed him.


  • Wallet is crushed to death by the descending spikes.


  • B gets a punch in the shoulder by Computer.


  • Fart and Mint crash Printer's car into a brick wall.


  • Considering the second reboot would happen after this episode, this episode saw the last appearances of A, B, C, Cyan Ball, and D. Blue Drago would reappear in "Kiloto the Minoto" as a cameo.


  • Computer's voice changes throughout the episode.