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ComputerNew.png "...I can't do this. A Perplexing Massacre, can you help me out?" - Computer, "Kiloto the Minoto" Chapter 1
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"A Perplexing Massacre" is the fourth episode of the second Object Terror reboot. It introduces the concept of dark and gory challenges.


"If you're curious why the original was deleted, I had to fix some bugs. Now the episode is back up with it's bugs fixed. Yes, After quite too long, Object Terror is now on it’s fourth episode. Now this episode was a bit of a roller coaster because this episode took a little longer than what they usually take. Well I was on hiatus, so I guess that explains it. But anyways, In the fourth episode, newer friends are made… well at least for Arch and Mint. Printer also decides that the next challenge is a murder mystery, with the final 18. Who dies? Whodunnit? And who will be the next to be eliminated? Find out in this episode of Object Terror!"


Cold Open

Beginning the episode, Arch is standing next to a fountain and is very upset. Mint comes up to him and they manage to become best friends.

After the Intro

Biscuit comes up to Magazine and says hi. This jumpscares her and makes her drop her phone, breaking it. The biscuit apologizes.

Honey, Recycling Bin, and Coffee Cup are sitting at a table in a restaurant, doing a little chat. Painquin, the table's waiter, comes over and takes their orders.

After the three are finished eating, Painquin gives them their bill, which totals up to 60 dollars. Recycling Bin and Coffee Cup leave the restaurant, followed by Honey.

Elimination Time

See Elimination Results below for the dislikes

This is the Tug-of-War Trains' first elimination, which managed to get 2,151 total votes (961 likes and 1190 dislikes). Stapler wins a bag of chips with 193 likes.

Whipped Cream, Stapler, Carpet, Recycling Bin, Biscuit, Coffee Cup, and Paint are declared safe. Magazine does not end up in the bottom two, leaving only Cactus and Beep Boop. The final person safe is Beep Boop, meaning Cactus is eliminated. The potted cactus goes wild, and angrily complains before telling Computer to crush him as he would try to survive with his strength. Unfortunately, the descending spikes still crush him to death.

Elimination Results

This is why you don't underestimate gravity...or the descending spikes.

Contestant Likes Dislikes
Whipped Cream 90 11
Stapler 193 21
Carpet 90 34
Recycling Bin 107 51
Biscuit 46 59
Coffee Cup 100 81
Paint 58 88
Magazine 54 117
Beep Boop 143 325
Cactus 80 403

Challenge Briefing

Once the elimination is over, Printer allows Honey to teleport the contestants to the next chalenge, which takes place around a table in a building.

Once everyone is teleported, the printer explains this episode's challenge: a murder mystery-based challenge. One contestant is randomly chosen per round and is given a gun and some night vision goggles. When the lights turn off, the chosen contestant must kill one of the non-chosen contestants. The non-chosen contestants still alive must guess who the murderer is by voting on who they think is the 'killer.' The one who is voted the most is executed. If the non-killers guessed correctly, the round is over, and if not the round continues and the killer gets to kill someone else. If the killer manages to kill everyone, the contestant's team gets a point. Should the killer get caught, the opposing team scores a point.


Round 1

Well, if the thumbnail and title card told us anything...yeah. Mint's dead.

In the beginning of the first round, the lights turn off. A flash of red shortly appears, and then the lights turn back on, revealing Mint to be dead. Trowel thinks the murderer is Flash Drive. Plug suggests they see who else would hate Mint before coming to conclusions. Whipped Cream tells everyone to raise their hand or foot if they hate Mint, and Beep Boop (though, he stated he would kill Trowel first rather than Mint, sparing him), Biscuit, Beer, Magazine, and Flash Drive all raise their hands. Flash Drive managed to get the majority vote, and his execution is a pool of water, where he short-circuits. However, he isn't the murderer, and the round goes on.

After the lights turn off and on again, it is revealed that Carpet has died. Beer knows that Magazine and Biscuit hate the carpet. However, the magazine can't hold the secret no longer and admits she is the murderer of the round. This leads to her getting the majority vote, and cause her to burn. With that, the Bouncy Buses score one point.

Round 2

When the lights turn on in the next round, Recycling Bin notices Coffee Cup is shot in the forehead and is dead. Road Sign tells everyone to raise their hand if they hate the cup of coffee, and Mint and Fart raise their feet. However, Biscuit sees Mint holding the gun, easily telling them he's the killer. Mint easily gets the majority vote, and is bitten by a monster, killing him. This score a point for the Tug-of-War Trains.

Round 3

Since the teams are tied with one point, Printer decides to have a tie-breaker round. For the final round, the contestants find Paint to be dead. Skittle suggests that Whipped Cream killed Paint, but he says that they are acquaintances. She and Trowel then suspect it is Stapler. She manages to get the majority vote, and the stapler is hit by Printer on the handle, killing her.


With two points to one, the Bouncy Buses win again. Before the voting screen, however, Printer tells the viewers not to vote in the comments.


Fart asks Road Sign if she wanted to play some more football with him, but she declines. El Nudelo Spider shows up and had somehow returned from Hell, surprising them both (this would lead into the events of the next episode).


  • Cactus is crushed to death by the descending spikes.
  • Mint gets shot by Magazine.
  • Flash Drive short-circuits in the water.
  • Carpet gets shot by Magazine.
  • Magazine is set alight and burns to death.
  • Coffee Cup gets shot by Mint.
  • A fly is caught and eaten by Mint.
  • Mint is mauled by a monster.
  • Paint gets shot by Stapler.
  • Stapler is hit with a baseball bat on the handle by Printer.


  • Biscuit is slapped on the face three times by Stapler.
  • Biscuit is bit on the leg by Mint.


  • Magazine drops her phone and it breaks.


  • This episode makes Cactus the first character to ever say a swear word. This is the first episode that even has swear words.
  • During the challenge briefing animation, the example score for the teams is shown as 0 for the Trains and 2 for the Buses. While this isn't the exact score, it does foreshadow the Buses' winning.
  • This is the first episode to have been re-uploaded, apparently due to screen bugs.
  • There is a theory where Mint was threatened by Paint into killing Coffee Cup, thus making Paint the real killer. However, this is based on Paint's label (The Risker) and may not be accurate.
  • This is the last episode where Computer had subtitles for when he speaks.
  • Interestingly, all the victims of each round (Mint, Carpet, Coffee Cup, and Paint) are all male.