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"A Diamond Heist" is the second episode of Object Terror's second and current reboot.


"After 3 months of waiting, Object Terror is now on it's second episode! It is 30 minutes, and not only it's the longest episode of OT yet, it's also the best one yet! In this episode, so much drama is happening! A lot of people worrying about each other, and being worried too. Also, in episode 2, things start improving! Voice Acting gets better, writing gets better, visuals get better, and animation get better! Also, Episode 2 was surely a wild ride for me. It is longer than OT1 but took less time to make than OT1. Who is getting eliminated next? What will the next challenge be? Find out in this episode of OT! Reaction videos are once again highly appreciated.:D"


Cold Open

The episode begins with Carpet continuing to find a girlfriend. Skittle suggests that he should have Stapler be his girlfriend, since she is a loner like him.

Carpet approaches Stapler, and asks her if she would go out with him, giving her 50 dollars if she does. She gladly accepts.

Trowel and Beer are watching TV out in the open. Beer is surfing channels until they come across an advertisement for a stress toy known as a bouncy blob. Trowel really wants the toy after the commercial.

Road Sign and Fart play football. She throws the ball to him, but he doesn't catch it and lets it pass through him, killing him.

Cactus walks up to Recycling Bin and gives him a pizza. The bin takes a bite out of it, and feels grossed out and asks the cactus about what is inside it. He answers that he put his prickles in there.

Meanwhile, Trowel comes across a silhouetted object, who tells him about a 1,000-dollar diamond, tasking the trowel with getting it.

After the Intro

Whipped Cream is almost done with making a new device, using a blade of grass to improvise for a metal wire. He is done, but Paint, who is just so happen to be nearby, is making some sarcastic remarks. The whip cream container threatens him about the remarks, and reveals that the device is used for mind control. Paint takes the device out of his hands and uses it on him, causing him to slap himself. Whipped Cream takes the device back and uses it on Biscuit, who just walked up, causing her to slap herself.

Biscuit comes up to Magazine, complaining to her about how the other people think they are smarter than them. They manage to become friends.

Wallet is angry because he's up for elimination, taking out all of his anger on poor Plug. This caused the electrical plug to cry and run off. However, Coffee Cup tells him that he should stay away from Wallet.

Arch comes up to Beep Boop, who now has a new voice because apparently no one liked his text-to-speech voice from the previous episode. He comments that his new voice sounds 'sexier' before proceeding to scream in Arch's face.

Mint wants to have fun with Unibrow, who clearly does not want to play. He slips on a banana peel, making him go wildly fast. After the ride, El Nudelo Spider suddenly appears in front of Mint, who tells him to get away.

Carpet tries to explain to Magazine about his new girlfriend, making her confused. After he leaves, the camera pans on a tired Printer, who is busy on his cellphone, with a paper with the challenge (P to the Fourth, which got executed in the next episode). Trowel's arm grabs the paper and replaces it with a yellow-colored paper.

Printer needs some sleep, since he had a rough day yesterday. Computer wakes him up with an airhorn, and of course the printer complains. The computer replaces the battery in him, and now he has more energy, allowing them to start the first elimination of the reboot.

Elimination Time

See Elimination Results below for the dislikes

Computer, who is hosting the elimination, explains how these work. According to him, whoever is given the most dislikes will be "squashed by spikes" and never get to return for the rest of the season. The first elimination managed to get a vote count of 791 total (380 likes and 477 dislikes). Arch managed to get a Computer amiibo with 121 votes.

Arch is the first called safe, and Flash Drive is the second. Mint is also called safe, leading to the final two with Wallet and El Nudelo Spider. The latter is revealed to be eliminated, and he sings a song before he is crushed to death by a box with spikes underneath.

Elimination Results

The first elimination, the first victim of the decending spikes.

Contestant Eventual Team Likes Dislikes
Arch Bouncy Buses 121 16
Flash Drive Bouncy Buses 95 22
Mint Bouncy Buses 33 49
Wallet Bouncy Buses 60 145
El Nudelo Spider* Tug-of-War Trains 71 179

* = El Nudelo Spider would rejoin in "Kiloto the Minoto," being placed on the Tug-of-War Trains.

Seconds later, we learn that El Nudelo Spider ends up in Hell.

The Team Choosing

After the elimination, Stapler and Skittle are teleport ed by Printer. With the former going first, Stapler chooses Carpet, Beep Boop, Magazine, Biscuit, Coffee Cup, Whipped Cream, Paint, Cactus, and Recycling Bin, while Skittle choosing Arch, Trowel, Beer, Plug, Mint, Road Sign, Fart, and Flash Drive, with Wallet being automatically placed onto her team. Skittle names her team "the Bouncy Buses" since she likes buses and things that bounce. Stapler names her team "the Tug-of-War Trains" since she has strong members on her team and she likes trains.

Challenge Briefing/The Bus Ride

With the teams set, Printer picks up the yellow paper from earlier in the episode, which apparently involves guarding the Object Show Museum. Printer tells the contestants to go on the Object Terror tour bus.

An hour later, some of the contestants are getting hungry. Printer stops at Tropical Heck-Donalds for a 20-minute rest. Printer orders food for the contestants.

Cactus decides to move to Trowel and Beer. The cactus apparently wants to help the two steal the diamond.

The bus finally arrives at the Object Show Museum, and tells the guy at the ticket booth that they are going to do a night-shift job.


Wallet takes a diamond sculpture of Exit Sign while Flash Drive is standing next to him, telling him not to do it. Fart and Road Sign spot a diamond Gamecube Box and look at it.

Paint makes a sarcastic remark at the paintings. Whipped Cream asks why he's being so sarcastic, before the paint bottle reveals he's always acted this way.

Recycling Bin is worried about Cactus, but Coffee Cup tells him it will be fine.

Biscuit wants to take a picture of a diamond sculpture, but Magazine tells her about the "no flash photography sign on its podium. She decides to take a picture anyway, but her account gets banned.

Beep Boop screams, causing Arch to hit him with a ball. Stapler decides to have her and Carpet's date near the artifacts.

Trowel finally comes across the Tombnesian Diamond, which is the diamond that was mentioned by the object earlier. Recycling Bin and Coffee Cup see what is going on. Despite the red text saying to not touch the diamond and Coffee Cup's protest, Cactus grabs the diamond from its podium. The alarm rings and the three run off. Road Sign tells everyone to get a motorcycle to get after them. Wallet gets as many artifacts as he can before riding on a motorcycle.

Handcuffs and White Circle, the two policemen, help the contestants chasing the three thieves. Cactus unfortunately hits a bump in the road, causing him to drop the diamond. The gem hits the ground and shatters.

Trowel, Beer, and Cactus are arrested. Wallet also gets arrested because Handcuffs managed to see his bag of loot. Printer comes back to see the end of the hijinks, and is told by the police that he needed to pay for the damages.

After paying 3,000 dollars, he gives the win to the Tug-of-War Trains, meaning the Bouncy Buses are up for elimination.

Before the credits, there are two newspapers from the New Pork Times. One about the Tombnesian Diamond getting fixed and returning, and one about Porkchop and Bread getting arrested.


Coffee Cup calls Cactus, who is in his prison cell.


  • Fart is passed through by a football.
  • El Nudelo Spider is crushed to death by the descending spikes.


  • Beep Boop is hit by a ball.


  • The Tombnesian Diamond breaks when Cactus drops it onto the ground.


  • This episode has the longest single-part non-movie episode of the series, being around 30 minutes long.
  • This episode's cold open takes place a day after the events of the previous episode.
  • The same "Enenenenenene" noise El Nudelo Spider makes from the previous episode is heard when Recycling Bin vomits.
  • In this episode, Trowel reveals that he went to the Object Show Museum when he was only a baby, but Kiloto the Minoto" would reveal that he is two years old. This is either a loophole or a hint that trowels may mature rather quickly.
  • Near the end of his first scene, Mint blurts out "stinky socks!" This could be a reference to his first line in the series from "Parkour Idiocy."
  • Mint's voice is lower in this episode than the rest of the second reboot. Even his voice in the previous episode was higher.


  • When Magazine is chosen on Tug-of-War Trains, her walking animation breaks.
  • After Trowel, Beer and Cactus steal the diamond, the gem is still seen in the background afterwards when Wallet schemes to loot the place.

Audio Errors

  • When greeting Printer, Porkchop says "Tropical McDonald's" instead of "Tropical Heck-Donalds."
  • When Coffee Cup spot Trowel, Cactus, and Beer about to steal the diamond, he says "What are Trowel, Beer, and Recycling Bin doing with that diamond?" "Recycling Bin" should be "Cactus."




  • This episode and its first reboot counterpart "Games and Gems" are based on the second episode in the Henry Stickmin series "Stealing the Diamond." The Tombnessian Diamond itself is based on the diamond found in said game, the Tunisian Diamond.